The reporting process

After completing a safeguarding referral, or an information report, your submission will be assessed by specialists. They will consider the information you have provided and decide on an appropriate course of action.

Please read below for further information.

  • After making a safeguarding referral

    Your referral will be assessed by the local safeguarding team. Their response will depend on a number of factors, such as the level of risk facing the individual, evidence of significant harm, and whether the person (or a responsible adult, if applicable) has provided consent.

    As part of this process you may be contacted and asked to provide further information.

    Once the assessment process is complete the safeguarding team will decide how they can best to protect and support the individual. This may include assigning them to a social worker or support worker. Other agencies may become involved to provide specialist support.

    The person’s safeguarding and support needs will be reappraised over time to ensure that they are receiving the correct support, and to assess whether it is helping them to keep safe.

    In addition:

    • If you have made a referral into adult safeguarding you will receive feedback about the decision made and the outcomes of that referral.
    • If you have made a MACSE submission you will be invited to attend a MACSE meeting to discuss your submission.

  • After submitting an information report

    Devon and Cornwall Police will review your submission. Their response will depend on the nature of the information provided and the level of risk facing people named in the report.

    Your information may be used to create a better understanding of crime and exploitation in the local area, or to inform police operations against exploitation and criminal activity.

    If your report raises concerns about someone’s safety the police may conduct a welfare check or involve other support services.

    For further information please refer to the question and answer section located below the police’s Partner Agency Information Sharing Form.