Guidance for providing support

You may be able to support someone after you’ve made a safeguarding referral or information report. If so, consider the following

  • they may feel most comfortable talking about their situation to you – if possible stay in touch and be alert for anything they say or do that causes concern
  • engaging with services can be challenging and can involve disclosing personal and traumatic information, often to people they have not met before and may not fully trust
  • stepping away from an exploitative situation can be difficult and can expose someone to threats of harm and violence
  • you may feel someone would benefit from additional support – you can find local support services on the Victim Care website.

Follow these steps if the harm or risk of harm someone is exposed to has increased

  • if you believe they are now inĀ immediate danger contact 999
  • if you have not yet heard back about your safeguarding referral, or you have been informed that the person did not meet the threshold for support, make a new safeguarding referral
  • if you have heard back about your safeguarding referral and the person has met the threshold for support, notify the relevant safeguarding service about your new concerns
  • if you have new information or suspicious about exploitation make a new submission to the Police Partner Agency Information Sharing Form.