Reporting concerns about radicalisation

The PREVENT referral flowchart outlines the steps you need to take if you have concerns that someone is being radicalised.

To report other concerns you can:

  • To report a safeguarding concern that doesn’t relate to radicalisation see our reporting safety and welfare concerns flowchart
  • To report suspicious behaviour or activity call the Anti-Terror Hotline on 0800 789 321
  • To report extremist online material go to
  • To report a hate crime or incident contact the police on 101
  • to report information and intelligence (other than a crime or safeguarding concern) use the police’s online Partner Agency Information Sharing Form or telephone 101 -intelligence could relate to sightings of extremist symbology or messages, or information about hate incidents or community tensions

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Prevent referral flowchart

Once a Prevent concern has been identified follow these steps below







  • Discuss concerns with line manager and, if required, the local Counter Terrorism Policing Team: contact 01392 225130 or email
  • Assess if the person meets criteria for a Prevent referral listed on the Police Prevent Referral Form
  • Call 999 if there is immediate risk of harm to the subject or another; immediate risk of a crime being committed; or immediate risk of travel to a conflict zone



Meets criteria for Prevent referral


Doesn’t meet criteria for Prevent referral but does meet criteria for safeguarding referral
Seek consent and complete the following: Concerns relate to a child (under 18). Complete MASH Contact Form (Call 0345 155 1071 for guidance if required).Concerns relate to an adult (18 and over). Complete Safeguarding Adult Referral Form.
  Doesn’t meet criteria for Prevent referral or safeguarding referral
Give consideration to Early Help and the Adolescent Safety Framework (applicable if the person is under 18, or is 18-25 and is a care leaver or has Special Educational Needs).

Concerns relate to an adult (aged 18+)

Complete Police Prevent Referral Form (ignore signposting to national safeguarding processes and follow the local process below). You do not need to complete a safeguarding adults’ referral, but the Prevent referral will be shared with the adult safeguarding hub for information.

Submit one email with referral form attached to both addresses below:

If you are an employee of Devon County Council please cc.


Concerns relate to a child (aged under 18)

Complete the following:

Submit one email with both documents attached to both addresses below:

If you are an employee of Devon County Council please cc.

If you are the social worker for the person you have Prevent concerns about, and the case is open, complete the Police Prevent Referral Form.

Submit one email with referral form attached to both addresses below:

Counter Terrorism Policing Team contact referrer. Information is shared between Safeguarding Teams and Counter Terrorism Policing Team as appropriate. Screening assessment conducted. Outcome is one of the following:

  • Police Prevent process
  • Referral into multiagency Channel
  • No further action in relation to Prevent. However, other safeguarding action may be taken if deemed appropriate.
If the person you are concerned about lives outside of Devon or Cornwall or you would like to report concerns anonymously contact the National Police Prevent Advice Line on 0800 011 3764.